How to Get a Letter of Administration in Florida

If you’ve been appointed the personal representative of a family member or decedent’s estate, then you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of settling the probate estate’s affairs. Before you have the legal authority to do so, however, you must obtain a Florida Letter of Administration. Below, learn the steps involved and how long the process may take. What is a Letter of Administration in a Probate Read More

What is Tenancy at Will in Florida? Rights, Termination & More

There are many types of tenancy agreements a landlord may make with a renter for the use of the landlord’s property. One such agreement is the tenancy at will, which a renter may establish with or without a written lease. What is Tenancy At Will in Florida Real Estate? Our Definition Tenancy at will definition: The tenancy at will is a lease typically without a written agreement and no fixed term where the Read More

What is the Cost of Probate in Florida? (Estate Lawyer Fees)

For many families, the passing of a loved one and settling of their estate is a stressful period. Depending on the complexity of the estate, the cost of probate — or of distributing their assets — can be high. However, the average cost of probate in Florida shows that the distribution of an estate’s assets does not have to be chaotic. Under Florida law and statutes, attorneys’ fees and other associated costs vary Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Promissory Note vs Mortgage?

No matter your personal or business experience with real estate and home buying, you can benefit from an understanding of the relationship between a promissory note vs mortgage. These legal concepts are essential to the practice of financing a real estate purchase. As a buyer, seller, lender, or borrower, you should carefully review and understand the terms of these legal documents before signing. Promissory Note Read More

Unlicensed Contractor Florida: Penalties & Laws (Hirer & Hiree)

Like most states, Florida regulates the construction industry in the interest of the public’s safety and well being. This regulation extends to contractors, and includes penalties for hiring an unlicensed contractor in Florida. Here, we explain some of the consequences of unlicensed contractor activity and the recourse you may have for related damages. Can I Get in Trouble for Hiring an Unlicensed Read More

What Recourse do I Have Against a Home Builder in Florida?

Florida’s construction defect law attempts to address the question of what recourse do I have against a home builder if they damage property or otherwise fail to meet your expectations. Mistakes and problems in construction are not ordinary because of the hectic dealings between general and subcontractors along with other human errors. Homeowners should know that they are not without remedy and filing a complaint can Read More

What is a Warranty Deed? 4 Types & What They Do Explained

If you are buying, selling, or otherwise involved in the transfer of property then you will need to execute a deed. For most residential and commercial real properties, you will want to know what is a warranty deed along with an understanding of other types of warranty deeds. Below, we explain the different types of warranty deeds, their benefits, and other important considerations. What Is a Warranty Deed? Our Read More

Protection Through Cyber Defense

  Developing a robust plan for incorporating cyber defense is just as valuable for small businesses as it is for corporations that employ more than 500 people. Protecting your data (and your customer’s information) from being stolen is universal. When people illegally access your data, there may be damage to your reputation as well as your financial position.  Imagine how differently people have come to view Facebook Read More

Florida Construction Lien Law (Contractor & Property Owner How to Guide)

If you do work as a contractor or other service provider toward real property, then you should have a firm understanding of construction lien rights in Florida. Florida’s lien law balances the protection of contractors and property owners when it comes to receiving payment for home improvements and other construction contracts. Get your questions answered when it comes to construction liens with our comprehensive Read More

Quiet Title Action Florida: What it is & Attorney Lawsuit Help

Quiet title action in Florida is a legal process that can be used to determine the true owner of a property. However, the process can be challenging, and in some cases, it is not possible to determine who the rightful owner of a piece of property is without the help of a quiet title attorney. What is Quiet Title Action in Real Estate? Our Definition The standard quiet title action definition in Florida courts Read More