Shell Company vs Holding Company: What’s the Difference?

Sophisticated and high-net-worth business clients often hear about the conversation between the use of a shell company vs holding company for furthering their corporate interests. While they have similarities, in theory, their differences lie in their practical applications and surrounding connotations. Here, we unpack some of the use cases for these business entity structures and provide an informative Read More

What is Injunctive Relief? Grounds, 4 Types (& Examples)

Civil litigation and arbitration are legal proceedings for obtaining justice and other remedies against a party that’s wronged you. While monetary damages and compensation are common, other equitable remedies exist. What is injunctive relief and how can it help your case? We have those answers and more as we discuss the different types and common grounds for seeking such a claim. What Is Injunctive Relief? Our Read More

Florida whistleblower Act Law: Defenses, Damages, Elements & Protection

The Florida Whistleblower Act is a statute designed to protect whistleblowers and the act of whistleblowing. The rights and protections afforded by the Florida Whistleblower Act can be overwhelming to understand, which is why it is highly recommended to properly educate yourself on the topic and reach out to a Cueto Law attorney trained in this area of law should you find yourself questioning your rights or in need Read More

Proposal for Settlement Florida Statute 768.79 & Rule 1.442

Civil litigation in Florida can be a long process filled with ambiguities and questions regarding the resolution of a case. In an effort to control the outcome of a civil action, a party may use a proposal for settlement in Florida to avoid a court’s final judgment. Our guide explains how proposals for settlement work in Florida along with other important considerations and requirements for using them in Read More

Joint Venture vs Partnership: 9 Differences Between Agreements

One of the most challenging decisions you’ll ever make as an entrepreneur is whether to go with a joint venture vs partnership agreement. These agreements are similar in concept, but there are significant differences that impact the way things operate, the rights of the parties, and the protection of your business. What is the Difference Between Joint Venture and Partnership? The major difference between a Read More

How to Get a Letter of Administration in Florida

If you’ve been appointed the personal representative of a family member or decedent’s estate, then you’ve been tasked with the responsibility of settling the probate estate’s affairs. Before you have the legal authority to do so, however, you must obtain a Florida Letter of Administration. Below, learn the steps involved and how long the process may take. What is a Letter of Administration in a Probate Read More

What is Tenancy at Will in Florida? Rights, Termination & More

There are many types of tenancy agreements a landlord may make with a renter for the use of the landlord’s property. One such agreement is the tenancy at will, which a renter may establish with or without a written lease. What is Tenancy At Will in Florida Real Estate? Our Definition Tenancy at will definition: The tenancy at will is a lease typically without a written agreement and no fixed term where the Read More

What is the Cost of Probate in Florida? (Estate Lawyer Fees)

For many families, the passing of a loved one and settling of their estate is a stressful period. Depending on the complexity of the estate, the cost of probate — or of distributing their assets — can be high. However, the average cost of probate in Florida shows that the distribution of an estate’s assets does not have to be chaotic. Under Florida law and statutes, attorneys’ fees and other associated costs vary Read More

What’s the Difference Between a Promissory Note vs Mortgage?

No matter your personal or business experience with real estate and home buying, you can benefit from an understanding of the relationship between a promissory note vs mortgage. These legal concepts are essential to the practice of financing a real estate purchase. As a buyer, seller, lender, or borrower, you should carefully review and understand the terms of these legal documents before signing. Promissory Note Read More

Unlicensed Contractor Florida: Penalties & Laws (Hirer & Hiree)

Like most states, Florida regulates the construction industry in the interest of the public’s safety and well being. This regulation extends to contractors, and includes penalties for hiring an unlicensed contractor in Florida. Here, we explain some of the consequences of unlicensed contractor activity and the recourse you may have for related damages. Can I Get in Trouble for Hiring an Unlicensed Read More