What Happens When A Real Estate Contract Is Breached

For most people, buying real estate is one of the most significant financial decisions of their lives. In addition to the substantial amount of money changing hands, people invest a lot of their time into the process. Some deals are contingent on the buyer selling their home. If, for example, a buyer breaches a contract, there could be severe consequences for the buyer and even the buyer’s buyers.  What Is A Read More

Don’t Wire Money To Someone Posing As Your Lender

Buying a home—whether it is your first or last one—can be a rewarding experience. Owning a home not only has financial benefits, but people can have a lot of fulfillment in having something that is uniquely their own. Sadly, some wish to exploit or take advantage of people seeking their own homes.  Criminals who try to profit off others like this have developed highly elaborate means of doing so. These are Read More

4 Tips About Franchising and Licensing From the Experts

While building a successful business from the ground up is an immensely impressive accomplishment, plenty of people don’t want to start from scratch. For everyone looking to jump straight in, franchising and licensing are great options. They have both served to launch and further careers in huge ways. Franchising is where a business’s brand and operations are shared in exchange for a fee. When someone opens up a Read More

Florida Promissory Notes: Requirements, Types & Differences

A promissory note Florida is an instrument for borrowing money from one party to another that is common in many personal and business settings. Here, you'll learn more about Florida promissory note types, including secured and unsecured, along with requirements and a template for further understanding.  The Purpose of Promissory Notes in Florida Law The purpose of a Florida promissory note is to create a Read More

How To Serve & Respond To A Cease & Desist Letter In Florida

A cease and desist letter Florida is a common legal document that parties use to notify others of their rights and demand an end to any infringing conduct. Whether creating or responding to a cease and desist letter, obtaining legal representation can help with effective resolution of a dispute and inform parties of their rights in these situations.  This article further explains the purpose of cease and desist Read More

Asset Purchase Agreement Checklist: Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisition

The buying and selling of an asset is a likely occurrence at some point in the lifespan of almost every business venture. The terms are often documented in an asset purchase agreement checklist that will vary in complexity based on the nature of the asset and interested parties.  An asset purchase agreement can involve a wide range of property such as real estate, equipment, inventory, vehicles, businesses, Read More

4 Types Of Intellectual Property Rights Protection (Definitions & Examples)

Protecting a business’ intellectual property rights provides a valuable competitive edge. It is one of the driving forces that fuel the economic growth in the United States. According to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, industries that rely on intellectual property (IP) have an average weekly wage that is 42% higher than industries that don’t rely on IP. Jobs in the patent industry have wages Read More

Florida Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) Claims

In Florida, certain protections are in place to prevent unscrupulous individuals or entities from taking advantage of consumers or businesses. One such protection is The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), a state law enacted to protect consumers and businesses against fraudulent, deceiving, or unfair commercial practices. Under FDUTPA, anyone who believes they have suffered from said practices Read More

How To Dissolve A Corporation In Florida (Tips To Close A Corp Properly)

This guide is an overview of how to dissolve a corporation in Florida, including information on filing a notice of dissolution and other required forms. After reading this, you should have clear direction on the next steps to take to dissolve a corporation.  Here’s How to Dissolve a Corporation in Florida The exact approach to dissolving a corporation in Florida varies depending on business activity. However, it is Read More

How & When To File A Motion To Dismiss In Florida (With Examples)

There are two main types of cases in Florida law – civil cases and criminal cases. While each matter of law is unique, there are similarities. One of which is how and when to file a motion to dismiss in Florida. A civil case generally involves conflict between people or institutions when one or both parties cannot resolve the issue without the involvement of the court system. This may include divorce, child custody, Read More