Florida Trademark Registration: How to for Business Names & Logos

You want your customers to recognize you in a crowd. Your name and logo connect you to your audience quickly. Protect these vital tools by registering them as Florida trademarks. Florida Trademark Registration Factors The following factors can help you decide whether Florida trademark registration is right for you. How Much Does It Cost to Trademark a Name in Florida? Florida trademark Read More

Florida Franchise Law: Florida Franchise Registration Guide

The rapidly growing world of franchising has given people the ability to start their own businesses at a very low cost. However, if you ask any Florida franchise lawyers, they will confirm that franchising is complex and requires careful planning and attention to detail. This is largely due to the fact that a franchise is a business agreement between a franchisee and a franchisor. As with any business agreement, Read More

How to Protect Your Business From Lawsuit (6 Avoidance Tips)

No business is 100% safe from lawsuits. If you’re a small business owner, understanding litigation risks is one of the most important ways you can be prepared for a worst-case scenario. This comprehensive article will explore how to protect your business from lawsuits so you can take the proper steps to avoid damages. How Does a Lawsuit Affect a Company? There’s no upside to business litigation. Regardless Read More

Motion to Dismiss vs Motion for Summary Judgment: What’s the Difference?

Legal complaints and other interactions with our state and federal courts can be an intimidating experience for those unfamiliar with the processes. Here, we simplify some of that process by explaining two similar, but different parts of a case: a motion to dismiss vs motion for summary judgment.  Motion to dismiss vs motion for summary judgment differences Distinguishing a motion to dismiss vs motion for Read More

Florida S Corp vs LLC: What’s the Difference & Which is Best?

Limited liability and the S corporation are two popular business structures for the modern venture because of their unique benefits compared to traditional entities such as C corporations and partnerships. However, knowing the difference between a Florida S Corp vs LLC can be difficult. Our article addresses these differences to help old and new businesses better understand their choice of entity options. Florida Read More

LLC vs Inc Pros & Cons: What’s the Difference & Which is Best?

How you choose to establish your business will have a major effect on every aspect of your company. Many businesses have a three-letter abbreviation at the end of their official legal name, either LLC or Inc. These letters show what type of legal entity it is. Comparing an LLC vs Inc can help you understand the pros and cons of each type of business entity.  In this article, you can explore the major Read More

US LLC Foreign Ownership Guide: Company, Single & Multi Member LLCs

The subject of foreign ownership of American companies has been of great interest to international investors and companies. LLC foreign ownership is a popular vehicle for international investors due to its flexibility. An LLC allows an investor to buy a stake in a U.S. company without being an actual member of the company’s board of directors. This makes it easy for investors from outside the United States to invest Read More

Can LLC Members Sue Each Other? (What are Legal Grounds?)

Owning a business with others can be a gratifying and financially rewarding experience. Having business partners can allow for sharing in the financial risk and benefit from access to a diverse range of skillsets. However, serious conflict or wrongdoing by your partner may leave you wondering, can LLC members sue each other? Our article provides the answer.  Can LLC members sue each other?  The Read More

What is a Non Solicitation Agreement (& Can You Get Around it?)

Florida non-solicitation agreements are important to have in place for many reasons. For instance, a non-solicitation clause can be used to prevent employees from soliciting clients and customers when they leave the company. They can also be used to protect trade secrets, which are generally defined as non-public business information. Florida non-solicitation agreements are also useful when dealing with Read More

What Happens if You Break an NDA (Violation Penalties & Remedies)

Prior to signing a non disclosure agreement (NDA), you may want to know what happens if you break an NDA. Knowing the potential penalties and scenarios for breaching an NDA can provide assurances and prepare you for worst-case scenarios. Additionally, if you believe another party breached an NDA with you, then knowing possible recourses available is the next step.  What happens if you break an NDA in Read More