Preventing Common Real Estate Disputes

There’s a lot of emotion and money tied into real estate. When you go to a showing or an open house, you imagine your life inside of those walls. To have that dream realized, you may enter into one of the most significant financial transactions of your life.  Buying a home is complex yet manageable—especially when you have the right team in place. The purchase of your second home may even be tied into the sale Read More

Florida Single Member LLC vs Sole Proprietorship Difference: Which is Best?

Whether you are planning a new venture or have already been in business for a while, there will come a time when you need to make a choice between a Florida LLC vs sole proprietorship. Many small businesses in Florida start out as sole proprietorships. Some prefer to stay that way, but others find that transitioning to an LLC is better suited to their evolving needs. So, should you set your business up as a sole Read More

What is Anticipatory Breach of Contract (Anticipatory Repudiation)?

If you have entered into any kind of formal agreement, you should know about anticipatory breach of contract, also known as anticipatory repudiation. An anticipatory breach occurs when a party to a contract displays an intention to break its terms. This allows the other party (or parties) to initiate legal action and seek remedies right away instead of waiting for a breach to take place. Anticipatory repudiation can Read More

Florida Statute of Limitations on Criminal Charges, Debt & More

The statute of limitations Florida laws determine how long a prosecuting office, plaintiff, or other party has to take certain legal actions in court. Most statutes of limitations exist for the purpose of encouraging timely complaints that can lead to accurate adjudications while evidence is still readily available. Continue reading to learn about specific statute of limitations for common criminal and civil charges Read More

Difference Between S Corp vs C Corp Tax, Formation, Ownership & More

One fundamental choice you have to make when starting a business is its legal structure. If you have narrowed your selection down to S and C corporations, read on. Both have profound tax implications, so knowing the difference between S corp vs C corp taxes is crucial to selecting the right legal structure for your needs and ensuring the continued success of your business. S Corp vs C Read More

Easy Isn’t Better: The Risks of DIY Contracts

As a small business owner (especially one who is just starting), cost-efficient solutions appeal strongly. Entrepreneurs do more with less. They understand the need to build capital alongside risk mitigation. At first, DIY contracts seem to fit both needs. In addition to protection, they are affordable.  Contracts and agreements are the foundation of almost any interaction you have as a business owner. They outline Read More

S corp Foreign Shareholders & S corp Foreign Ownership Guide

If you have an S corporation or are planning to set one up, you should know that the rules for S corp foreign shareholders have recently changed. Prior to 2018, S corp foreign ownership laws did not allow non-resident aliens to be shareholders of S corporations in the U.S. The situation has evolved, and non-resident foreigners can now become S corporation shareholders via a legal entity known as an Electing Small Read More

Member Managed vs Manager Managed LLC: What’s the Difference?

If you plan to set up a limited liability company (LLC) in Florida, one of the first things you will be confronted with is the member-managed vs manager-managed LLC dilemma.  Both management structures have their pros and cons, and which one would make a better fit for you depends on the size and nature of your organization and your long-term business goals. The tricky part is that you must decide whether Read More

Tortious Interference Florida Law (Elements, Defense & More)

While competition in business is a certainty, some companies and persons may find themselves the victims of especially malicious business activity from third parties. Sometimes, this is what's known as tortious interference. Business owners should understand how tortious interference in Florida works so they can protect their interests and take action when misconduct occurs.  What is tortious interference in Read More

Florida LLC Fiduciary Duties: LLC Member & Manager Duties with Examples

Managers and members of an LLC should familiarize themselves with what their LLC fiduciary duties may be to their company. Understanding these obligations can help reduce the risk of future conflict that could otherwise create personal liability for those with fiduciary responsibilities.  What are Florida LLC fiduciary duties? LLC fiduciary duties generally refer to the obligations of members, managers, and other Read More