Valuing Separate Property Business Interests in Divorce Proceedings

Introduction: Divorce proceedings can become complex when one or both spouses own separate property business interests. Entrepreneurs who have invested their time, effort, and funds into building their businesses face the challenge of determining the value of their business during divorce settlements. This article aims to provide an overview of how separate property business interests are typically valued in divorce Read More

A Guide to Understanding the Florida Uniform Commercial Code for Business Owners

Introduction: As a business owner in Florida, it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the laws and regulations that govern commercial transactions. The Florida Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a vital legal framework that provides consistency and clarity in commercial dealings. This article aims to provide business owners with a comprehensive overview of the Florida UCC, its significance, and how it applies Read More

The Velocity Of Money, Inflation, & The Small Business

The velocity of money is a metric used to determine how frequently a currency unit is used inside an economic system. In simpler terms, your money is also other people’s money. When you spend money at the barbershop, the barber can purchase gas, and the station owner can use that money to take his children to a hockey game. Economists study how quickly currencies are exchanged between people or organizations because Read More

What Litigation May Look Like For You

Entrepreneurs and business owners must dedicate time and resources to mitigating litigation risk. The number of threats they account for can be significant, but it is a financially worthwhile endeavor to prevent issues rather than react to them. For instance, you may be required to contact a business litigation attorney when your intellectual property is being misused or when you have a contractual dispute with one Read More

Events That Cause WARN Act Triggers

One of the biggest misconceptions you can hold as a business owner is that only negligent or careless companies face liability issues. For instance, you may feel insulated from certain issues, such as employee embezzlement and discrimination, because you’ve implemented documented systems, policies, and procedures to prevent it. However, how confident are you that you would get a solid response if you asked an Read More

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Through Trademarks

Cueto Law Group, P.L. assists clients with protecting their intellectual property, which is critical to protecting your brand and reputation. Although there are various ways to safeguard your IP legally, we will look specifically at trademarks. (Copyrights are for artistic works, and patents are for inventions, tech, and ideas.) When people discover the power of holding a trademark, their next question is what they Read More

When Your Business Faces A Lawsuit

Many of our blogs discuss the various ways you can mitigate the potential for a lawsuit. As a business owner you should accept and understand that the key is to mitigate instead of eliminate. Regardless of your precautions, there is always the possibility that someone will file a lawsuit against your business. Some of the most common sources of this center around the following:  Contractual breaches  When someone Read More

Insight For Protecting Valuable Trade Secrets

Shift your perspective and mindset. Accept that preventing your intangible assets from being used by your competition is intrinsically more valuable than reacting when they are shared. This extends to intellectual property that can and should be legally safeguarded through patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Furthermore, it is essential to know that trade secrets are intellectual property.  A good (and often Read More

The Advantages of Having a Legal Department for Your Business

One of the most important parts of running any business, no matter how big or small is making sure that you are always following the rules and staying compliant with local, state, and federal laws. But while it might be tempting to hire an outside law firm to keep you updated on your legal rights, there are significant advantages to having an in-house legal department for your business.  Your business can never be Read More

Identify & Mitigate Threats To Your Business

By choosing to open and run a business, you are accepting an element of risk. Like anything else, you can identify potential risks, assess their likelihood of occurring, and mitigate them. Today, we will identify potential risks you will face and how to mitigate them. Though there are numerous ways to achieve this, we will stress the importance of choosing the contract to protect you.  Dealing with Third-Party Read More