Florida Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) Claims

In Florida, certain protections are in place to prevent unscrupulous individuals or entities from taking advantage of consumers or businesses. One such protection is The Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), a state law enacted to protect consumers and businesses against fraudulent, deceiving, or unfair commercial practices. Under FDUTPA, anyone who believes they have suffered from said practices Read More

How To Dissolve A Corporation In Florida (Tips To Close A Corp Properly)

This guide is an overview of how to dissolve a corporation in Florida, including information on filing a notice of dissolution and other required forms. After reading this, you should have clear direction on the next steps to take to dissolve a corporation.  Here’s How to Dissolve a Corporation in Florida The exact approach to dissolving a corporation in Florida varies depending on business activity. However, it is Read More

3 Warning Signs That You May Be Headed for a “Business Divorce”

Last month, we wrote about how to resolve business disputes that seemed like they were heading towards a so-called “business divorce.” Right now, it seems like a lot of businesses are dealing with dramatic conflicts between the people in charge. Whether it is a company that started during the pandemic now second-guessing their working relationship or a long-running business feeling the effects of working from home, Read More

Business Asset Purchase Agreement (APA): What You MUST Know!

The State of Florida is currently experiencing a massive economic boom with an unprecedented level of business deals being made every day. Many of these deals involve a business asset purchase agreement. Depending on the assets of the business, a sale may be a rare or common occurrence for you. Either way, having an effective asset purchase agreement is an important step to protecting yourself and mitigating the risk Read More

Quantum Meruit vs Unjust Enrichment Claims: Difference Between Elements & Defences

Express contracts are a simple concept. An exchange of promises is made, either written or verbal. The terms are mutually declared and understood, and the agreement is legally enforceable. In comparing quantum meruit vs unjust enrichment, we’ll discuss situations that fall outside of this boundary. Imagine this – I promise to pay you $20 to mow my lawn. You accept my offer and proceed to mow my lawn. Through this Read More

How To Resolve Business Shareholder Disputes

In Florida, we are currently in a season heavy on business disputes across all kinds of fields and business structures. Whether they are disputes between partners in a partnership, shareholders in a corporation, or members in an LLC, business disputes can be disruptive, expensive, and potentially destructive. Resolving them as quickly and as efficiently as possible should be of paramount importance to any business Read More

Florida LLC Operating Agreement: PDF Sample Template, Info & Help

Florida recognizes the limited liability company (LLC) as a business entity that you can establish for benefits distinct from sole proprietorships and other corporate forms. The benefits of a florida llc operating agreement are twofold – LLCs avoid the double taxation of corporations while creating a liability shield and asset protection for the owners. Naturally, the LLC is a popular business entity choice for Read More

Non Compete Agreement Florida Law (Are These Clauses Legally Enforceable?)

People and businesses regularly obtain sensitive information through various deals and commercial relationships. A Florida noncompete agreement is a standard contract that can protect a business's confidential information by preventing others from engaging in conduct that competes with your business. This article provides a general understanding of noncompete agreement Florida law, and answers to other common Read More

How to Dissolve an LLC in Florida: Closing a Business Properly!

The day may come when it is time to close your Florida limited liability company (LLC). Whatever the reason for ending an LLC, careful attention should be made to ensure dissolution is done correctly. Florida has a series of laws that – in conjunction with your operating agreement – govern how to dissolve an LLC in Florida. The business of closing your business involves several administrative steps and coordinating Read More

Non Disclosure Agreement Florida: NDA Template & Confidentiality Guide

People and businesses regularly obtain sensitive information through various deals and commercial relationships. A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is a standard contract that can protect intellectual property and business information by preventing others who have access to the information from sharing it. In this article, you’ll learn more about NDAs and find answers to common questions about how these agreements work, Read More

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