3 Warning Signs That You May Be Headed for a “Business Divorce”

Last month, we wrote about how to resolve business disputes that seemed like they were heading towards a so-called “business divorce.” Right now, it seems like a lot of businesses are dealing with dramatic conflicts between the people in charge. Whether it is a company that started during the pandemic now second-guessing their working relationship or a long-running business feeling the effects of working from home, it is important to pay attention to the warning signs that you may be heading towards a difficult split.

Business disputes that go to court tend to be expensive, lengthy, and emotionally taxing. On top of that, business owners often have to still run their company while the case is going on. If you see any of these 3 warning signs that a “business divorce” may be coming your way, you need to prepare for it:

No Communication

Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. If communication has entirely broken down between you and a business partner, it isn’t good news. Try to extend the olive branch and carefully see if you can build a bridge between the two of you. If communication truly has ended, try to keep all of your interactions written down and preserved.

Unwilling to Compromise

A major warning sign of trouble brewing is when a coworker is unwilling to compromise with you on anything. It is understandable that all employees might have a specific “hill to die on” that they are unwilling to compromise on. However, if they are not offering any compromise themselves at all – things aren’t looking good.

Threats of an Attorney

If one of your business partners tells you that they are going to speak to their attorney, you should pay attention. Whether or not the threat is hollow, the fact that the conflict has escalated to that point in their mind is important. If someone is threatening to get attorneys involved, you are dealing with something serious.

Protect Your Neck

If you are seeing the warning signs of a “business divorce” heading your way, the best thing that you can do is start to make defensive preparations. Whether or not your dispute ever makes it to court, it pays to ask for the help of an experienced business attorney who can advise you on how to act. If you are seeing warning signs of an impending split in your own business, contact Cueto Law Group P.L. today! From boardroom to courtroom, we’ve got you covered.