The Ultimate International Law Guide for U.S. Judges–And Attorneys!

Several months ago I argued a case that centered on the finer points of forum nonconveniens.

The issue comes-up regularly given the large number of international companies doing business here in Miami.

While my adversary and I had a firm grasp of the issues involved, the judge wanted to take some additional time to review the case law cited in our briefs before making a decision.

And that’s no surprise.

It can be difficult for a judge to keep up with all the nuances of international business litigation.

In the past year alone, there have been a number of major decisions that have reshaped forum nonconveniens analysis.

I mention all this because the American Society for International Law recently released its Benchbook on International Law.

It’s a great resource for judges to quickly get up to speed on the fast-changing international law landscape.

While the bench book was designed for district and state court judges, it’s also an excellent resource for:

The international law bench book is a great reference tool for anyone looking to keep up with international law issues in the United States.

You can view or download a copy below:

International Law Guide for U.S. Judges and Attorneys

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