Medical Partnership Disputes

Help for Disputes in the Healthcare Industry

Disputes between business partners happen in every industry, and the healthcare industry is no exception. Many times, disputes occur between business partners in the healthcare sector when their business agreement doesn’t include language that removes one of the partners who is no longer contributing to the business or is exhibiting unethical behavior, has no language to appraise to the practice if a partner wishes to buy another partner’s shares or be bought out themselves, does not deal with the dissolution of the practice if one or more doctors wants to leave, or does not address how current shares will be affected when new shareholders enter the scene.

Some medical partnership disputes we commonly litigate include:

  • Situations in which an employee or business partner violates their contract’s non-solicitation or non-competition clause (also known as restrictive covenants litigation)
  • Breaches of partnership or shareholder agreements which negatively impact clients’ interest in the business
  • Disagreements between business partners over whether to merge or sell their practice
  • Conflicts of management and shareholders or business partners who are deadlocked on a certain issue
  • Merger disputes including the business owners’ rights in the face of new management, as well as disagreements over pending or ongoing mergers
  • Contracts that do not include language that addresses how patients, personnel, and equipment will be divvied up in the face of a dissolution

Sometimes, your business partner’s conduct can also directly violate their duties to your business, as seen in cases of breach of duty of good faith, breach of fiduciary duty, or conduct that tarnishes your business’ reputation, such as alcohol or substance abuse in front of clients, libel, or other defamatory conduct. In these cases, only an experienced medical partnership dispute attorney will be able to help guide you through your case.

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