Arbitration vs Litigation: What Is The Difference Between Litigation & Arbitration In Law?

What is the difference between arbitration and litigation? The two most common ways to settle a lawsuit are through litigation or arbitration. Litigation is the legal procedure to settle a dispute using the court system in accordance with a specific set of laws, rules, and statutes. In the traditional litigation process, the case is presented before a judge or jury, who ultimately makes a decision after reviewing Read More

Business Litigation in Florida? There’s a Jury Instruction for That.

As a Miami business attorney, I can say that the majority of business litigation cases that get filed are settled before trial.  And that’s usually the best outcome for all the parties.  However, there are times when the only option is to proceed to trial. In preparing a business litigation case for trial, a trial attorney must prepare the witnesses, file pre-trial motions Read More

Rum, Risk and Ruin: 13 Reasons Why You Still Shouldn’t Do Business in Cuba.

The removal of Cuba from the U.S. state sponsors of terrorism list this week sparked a groundswell of excitement among U.S. entrepreneurs, lawyers, and investors looking to profit from the “enormous opportunities” on the island. As part of the Florida Bar’s first-ever delegation to Havana, Cuba last week, I got the chance to see these “opportunities” for myself. Indeed, Cuba does have lots of Read More

The Ultimate International Law Guide for U.S. Judges–And Attorneys!

Several months ago I argued a case that centered on the finer points of forum nonconveniens. The issue comes-up regularly given the large number of international companies doing business here in Miami. While my adversary and I had a firm grasp of the issues involved, the judge wanted to take some additional time to review the case law cited in our briefs before making a decision. And that’s no Read More

Connecting with International Business Leaders is Elementary: Start with the Periodic Table of LinkedIn Influencers.

One of the great things about my job is connecting with international business leaders from all over the world. Whether it's resolving a dispute between parties in Zurich and Saudi Arabia or closing a deal between joint partners in Singapore and London, it’s the relationship-building that is the most fulfilling. While working on international matters is an ideal way to connect, I’ve found that LinkedIn’s Read More

How to Supercharge Your Exports with a Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL).

“I have a problem,” the caller said to me. “Our company’s textile factory in Vietnam has been sitting idle for several weeks.” The caller explained that it’s cotton supplier was unable to clear its shipping documents with customs officials. I asked whether the company had a back-up plan to find an alternative supply. “No,” replied the caller. “We didn’t think we’d ever need one.” The Cause of the Read More

4 Reasons Why a Lawsuit Over Flight MH17 Will Not Succeed in U.S. Courts.

“I opened the door and it was raining people. One fell in my vegetable patch” –Irina Tipunova, Rozsypne, Ukraine That horrific account captures only part of the tragedy that ended the lives of 298 passengers aboard Malaysia Flight MH17 last month.  Several hundred feet from Ms. Tipunova’s home, dozens more ravaged bodies lay in the wheat fields where the airliner came down. Upon learning of Read More

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